Unexpected Encounter is the pilot chapter of MTB, noted as 1-1.

Pages: 5

Word Count: 1,994

Original Post Date: September 15th, 2009


Akemi Segawa's father has left on a business trip for a week, to meet with some editors. As she's tending to shrine duties, and loathing her father's short notice while doing so, something crashes in her yard. When she goes to check, she finds a seemingly-normal boy named Rokuro.

As she's attempting to help heal Rokuro's injuries, Akemi learns that Rokuro is not at all normal - He's a wizard from the second dimensional plane (Earth being the first). She also learns that he came here by accident; he had gotten caught in the the black hole-like system of transportation that exists in the magical planes. It was only coincidence that it brought him to the human world.

Rokuro is unable to return to his realm on his own, since he is merely an amateur student that has not completed his training. Akemi, decidedly out of pity, decides to let him stay until he's able to go back through the Transport, to Mahou Uchuu (His dimension's nickname). Rokuro heartily accepts, warmed by her hospitality. However, Akemi didn't bother asking how long he was going to stay here before offering, and once learning that he would be staying for a full year, she nearly goes ballistic. Still, she's too nice a person to take back the offer, especially upon seeing Rokuro so grateful, and decides to let him take up residence at the shrine for however long he needs to.

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