Roommates is the second chapter of MTB, marked as 1-2.

Pages: 5 (4 complete)

Word Count: 1,781

Original Post Date: October 4th, 2009


As Akemi guides Rokuro to the spare guest room where he'll be staying, he mistakes her for a hime, which she quickly corrects. She shows him his room, and then goes to change out of her miko garbs, telling Rokuro that she would prepare lunch after. While she's changing, Rokuro decides to let someone know of his situation, and attempts to connect a call to his best friend, Hideki, through the crystal on his chest.

After learning of what has happened, Hideki is not amused at Rokuro being stupid enough to get sent to another dimension. They exchange some yelling and insults, which Akemi hears and interrupts. Rokuro introduces her to Hideki, and likewise. Hideki asks if he's planning on erasing her memories, and he quickly replies with a no.

Hideki then proceeds to hit on Akemi, in a rather blunt manner. Akemi finds no amusement in this, and instantly marks him down as someone to avoid. Rokuro cuts off the communication session once he sees that the two don't get along very well.

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