Sort It Out is the third chapter of MTB, and the last chapter of the first section. It is noted as 1-3.

Pages: 3

Word Count: 1,126

Original Post Date: November 27th, 2009


Akemi soon learns that Rokuro eats like a starving animal - Quickly, ravenously, and a lot. Because he knows that she doesn't favor Hideki very much, Rokuro makes it a point that he will be talking to his blonde friend after eating. As soon as Akemi says that that's fine with her, Rokuro rushes out of the kitchen, to his room. Akemi berates him for leaving his stuff for her to clean up, but then sees that everything has already been cleaned. It takes her a moment to realize that that was probably a small show of magic.

Meanwhile, Rokuro and Hideki try to conjure up a plan to explain Rokuro's absence from school and classes. It doesn't go very well. They end up deciding on pretending that Rokuro is going to be part of a temporary school transfer program for a couple of months.

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