Exploration is the fourth chapter of MTB overall, and the first part of the second chapter. It is noted as 2-1.

Pages: 4 (3 complete)

Word Count: 1,453

Original Post Date: December 20th, 2009


Rokuro wakes up rather grouchily the next day, and it's made evident that he is not a morning person. Once fully awake, he finds himself alone in a very large, silent house. A bit of wandering leads him to the kitchen again, where he finds a note addressed to him, from Akemi. She tells him that she left for school already, and that she would be staying until four-thirty, because of her kendo club. Rokuro hasn't got a clue as to what kendo is, so he decides to ask his hostess when she returns. At the bottom of the note, it says not to leave the house, and that he can eat whenever he wants, since she left the rice cooker on for him. His focus immediately goes to the food.

The chapter cuts to Okashii High School, where Akemi attends. Mathematics had just ended, and class 1-3 was waiting for their art teacher to come. While scribbling in her notebook, her best friend Rie Hirota comes and drops a pile of occult books on her desk. She recieved them from her cousin who studies abroad, and is very ecstatic about it. Remembering her houseguest, Akemi wonders if her friend can give her any information of wizards. Rie is happy to oblige.

Back at the house, Rokuro is bored out of his mind, and balancing himself on his head from a lack of better things to do. As he has little to no common sense, he decides to go against Akemi's wish and go explore the outside world.

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