Failed Exploration is the fifth overall chapter of MTB, and the second part of the second chapter.

Pages: 6 (5 complete)

Word Count: 2,353

Original Post Date: December 28th, 2009


Rokuro finds that Tokyo is a lot bigger than he had imagined. According to him, he's never seen any structure bigger than something a fourth the size of a skyscraper. In the midst of his gawking, a little boy points out that his clothes are weird. Rokuro fails to see how they're not normal, but then realizes that it was probably the clothes that made everybody stare at him.

Two minutes later, Rokuro gets himself lost. He doesn't know where he is, and doesn't know how to get back to the shrine. Just as he's about to have a severe meltdown in public, he hears Akemi's name being called, and turns to the source. He sees a sign that says Okashii High School, and soon discovers that it is indeed where Akemi attends.

His curiosity gets the better of him, and Rokuro decides to check out the gymnasium. He sees the kendo club and what goes on, and is shocked to find that Akemi is actually very violent when she wants to be. He makes a mental note to try to never upset her.

When he sees Akemi leaving the gym, he follows her from the outside, and almost gets caught by a group of incoming girls. He quickly jumps through the nearest window, but evidently, it was even more dangerous in there than it was out there. He had jumped straight into the girl's locker room, where Akemi was getting changed. After giving him a short-lived beating, she lets Rokuro explain himself.

Akemi writes up directions for him to head back home, and then exits the locker room to go meet Rie.

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