Akemi Segawa (瀬雅琶明美, Segawa Akemi) is a first-year high school girl and the leading female character. She agreed to let Rokuro stay with her out of pity at first, but winds up considering him a close friend.

Akemi 3

English Name:

Akemi Segawa











Known Family:

Shigeru Segawa (Father),

Hazuki Segawa (Mother, deceased),

Meiko Segawa (Aunt),

Tsukkomi Segawa (Uncle),

Emiri Segawa (Cousin)


Daisuke Hirota (Boyfriend),

Rie Hirota (Best friend)


October 2nd

Voice Sample:

Hoko Kuwashima


Akemi is a headstrong person. She likes things to go her way and will sometimes complain if they don't; but most of the time, she keeps her criticism inside her head and simply lets her stress out by yelling. She is a fairly strong individual, from practicing kendo a few times a week in her school club. While Akemi is comparable with a tomboy, she has many girlish qualities that surface in certain situations. (Such as when she's with Daisuke.)

She and her father Shigeru are the caretakers of Segawa Shrine. Both partake in the chores and duties, but Akemi will usually get the short end of the stick - Especially when her dad's away.

Akemi is an easily annoyed person and has little tolerance for idiocy. The only person she can really put up with is Rie. She disapproves of a lot of Rokuro's actions, and does not let him use magic in the house (Not that it really stops him).

She is a very down-to-earth person. Before meeting Rokuro and witnessing actual magic, she wouldn't have believed in anything of the sort. She is also not easily swayed by shiny objects and does not take to practical jokes lightly.

Other FactsEdit

  • She loves sweets.
  • She gets along with Rokuro as he is, but can't stand his Vendaia personality.


  • Athletic abilities - Akemi does very well in other physical sports other than kendo. As a practitioner of the sport, Akemi is strong and independent. Kendo has made her very balanced and calm in tough situations. She has a massive amount of stamina for a girl her age. Because of kendo, she has learned to think fast in situations and react accordingly. She is very agile and quick on her feet.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Akemi is of average height and weight for a girl of her race and age. She does not appear to be very strong, but as Rokuro and Maruchi know, looks can be quite decieving.

Her eyes are light cerulean blue, and her hair is bright orange and very long. Her hair color is completely natural.

Akemi CharacterSheet

Akemi's character sheet.

Name ExplanationEdit

Akemi's first name is written as 明美, with the kanji characters 明(Ake, meaning "brightness" or "clarity") and 美 (Mi, "beautiful"); so her name is read as "bright and beautiful" or "dawn of beauty".

Her last name is written as 瀬雅琶, with the three characters 瀬 (Se, "shallows, rapids"), 雅 (Miyabi, "elegence, grace"), and 琶 (Wa, "lute"), contrary to the usual spelling of 瀬川 (Se, "shallows, rapids", and Kawa, "river").


She tends to change her wardrobe often, but can just as much be seen wearing her casual clothes in the page picture.

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