Hideki Miura (海卜ひでき, Miura Hideki) is another wizard from Mahou Uchuu. His first name is spelled in hiragana, but surname contains the characters for "beach" and "divination".


English Name:

Hideki Miura




Miura Hideki








57.8 kg (127.2 lbs)

Known Family:

Kyoko Miura (Sister)


Rokuro (Best Friend)


July 20th

His seiyuu is Akira Ishida, and his voice actor is Vinnie Penna.


Hideki is usually described, by his friends and family alike, as an "idiot with no common sense". This is a very accurate description. Hideki has trouble with thinking before he acts, and often makes stupid decisions based upon his own twisted logic.

Hideki has a very relaxed persona; he doesn't worry about the things he's supposed to, such as his grades or chores, and it takes a lot to make him serious. He frequently skips out on class sessions and saves his work for when he's with his majikyou. However, with Hideki, being relaxed also means being lazy. He tends to leave his clothes and books all around his and Rokuro's room, to his roommate's dismay, and, quoth Rokuro, he "takes up about nine-tenths of the room for himself".

As many times as he's failed to impress, Hideki still considers himself an all-around ladies' man. It only took him a few minutes for him to hit on Akemi, and he has continued to do so every time he sees her, whether she wants him to or not (And she really doesn't want him to). His womanizing actions are a constant source of grief for Rokuro, but he does not seem to be aware of it. Despite his behavior, Hideki is not a pervert - Just very" confident".

Other FactsEdit

  • He has a sister, Kyoko.
  • He skips class frequently, and even has a schedule for it.
  • He has a weird habit of trying to predict the future, according to Rokuro.
  • He cameo'd in chapter three of Cali's Kyoukai no Rinne fanfiction, Not Everything is Black and White.


None mentioned yet.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hideki is a skinny guy, even more so than Rokuro. He really doesn't have much on him, and his layers of clothing hide what little muscle he does have.

He has messy, dark, yellow hair (It could also be described as blonde) and deep violet eyes. He wears glasses.

Name ExplanationEdit

Hideki's last name contains the characters 海 (Mi, "sea", "beach") and 卜 (Ura, "fortune-telling", "divination"). However, he usually spells his name in hiragana (ひでき), and thus it has no real meaning.

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