Majikyou (マジ教) are teachers to magic students. They stick with their apprentice until they become Grand Dragons, or people who have mastered the use of magic. Majikyou are usually from Kitakuvaaraji (キタクバーラジ), the fourth dimension; rarely are they from anywhere else, since the inhabitants' naturally high magic levels and IQs make them great teachers. Varakyuans all have varying animal appendages, such as ears, tails, claws, ect.

The first two characters used to write the term are the first two katakana of majikku (マジック), which means "magic". The last character is 教, meaning "teach" or "faith".

Known MajikyouEdit

There are a number of majikyou in Mahokkai, but only two have been mentioned as of chapter 9-1.

  • Maruchi (丸智) - A Cat Varakyuan, with purple hair, cat ears, and a tail. He is Rokuro's mentor, and has been since he was four years old. He is intolerable towards goofing off and jokes most of the time. Part of the main cast.
  • Tokagero (蜥竜) - He appears to be a Lizard Varakyuan with a green color scheme. His breed is his namesake. He has pointed ears, small horns, clawed toes, and a lizard tail. He is friends with Maruchi.

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