Maruchi (丸智, Maruchi) is Rokuro's magic instructor. His name is written with the characters for "circle" and "wisdom". He is part of the main recurring cast.


English Name:







291 (Appears to be 7-8)






25.4 kg (55.8 lbs)

Known Family:

None mentioned so far


Rokuro (Student)


February 29th

His voice would be that of Shizuka Hasegawa.


Maruchi is Rokuro's majikyou, and has a fairly balanced relationship with him, though it might not seem like it. He lectures Rokuro a good portion of the time, because of his pupil's habit of goofing off when work needs to be done. Aside from their minor squabbles, he does get along well with Rokuro, and has some things in common with him - Like their voracious appetites.

Maruchi generally has a low opinion of humans, as seen in chapter 3-3; when he makes his appearance, he snaps at Akemi frequently, and refers to her as "human", refusing to use her name (In chapter 4-3, he claims he won't call Akemi by her name until he feels he won't "disgrace" himself by saying it).

While Maruchi is technically an adult, his child-like form screws with his head, thoughts, and emotions; meaning, part of his brain sees him as a child, and wires him to a child's feelings and thought patterns.

Other FactsEdit

  • Maruchi stated himself that he is 291 years old.
  • The two main forms he takes are that of a small kitten and a child.
  • He always has his spellbook with him, even though he has every page memorized.
  • His IQ is 436.
  • His full given name is actually Maruchiro Kyoyoseikan. Maruchi is his nickname.
Maruchi KittenForm

Maruchi as a kitten. His eyes are a different color than normal when like this.


  • Transformation - Maruchi can turn into a very large amount of objects and people; he mostly sticks with his default form or a cat, though.
  • Magic abilities - Maruchi is, magic-wise, a strong individual. This makes up for his physical limitations. He can use magic to create a human disguise for himself.
  • Healing - He hasn't ever been seriously hurt before, but his healing abilities are probably around the same as any other magic user.
  • Strength - Despite being a very powerful magician, his physical strength is lacking. Rokuro can easily beat him up.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Maruchi normally takes the form of an anthropomorphic cat-child, with dark purple hair and greenish-teal eyes. This is his neutral form, as he is usually potrayed this way. It is mentioned that during this transformation, he is short enough so that Rokuro is twice his height. While in this form, he has large cat ears on his head, and a tail to match.

His human disguise has notably shorter, black hair, and clear blue eyes.

Another form that he usually takes is that of a small, purple kitten with very light green eyes.

Maruchi Character Sheet

Maruchi's character sheet.

Name ExplanationEdit

Maruchi's name is written as 丸智, with the characters 丸 (Maru, "circle", "perfection") and 智 (Chi, "wisdom, intellect, reason"). It can be read as "circle of wisdom" or "perfect wisdom".

However, in chapter 10-3, it's revealed that Maruchi is his nickname. His full name is Maruchiro Kyoyoseikan (炯妖凄感丸智婁). The last kanji in his name, 婁 (Rou), is a constellation, which can also be read as "tie".

His surname contains the kanji 炯 ("bright, clear"), 妖 ("bewitching, demon, calamity"), 凄 ("frigid, intense cold, grim"), and 感 ("emotion, feeling, sensation").


Maruchi's outfit may look like something a peasant would wear, but it is made out of a very expensive material only available in his home world.

  • Shirt - The length is akin to a haori, going a bit past his waist, but it folds over like a normal jacket and buttons with a two clasps; one at the very top near the collar, and one more towards the bottom. The shirt is a light khaki-tan color with a dark green collar and edges. Maruchi tucks it into his pants.
  • Pants - Maruchi's pants are almost too big for him to wear; they collect around his ankles, and are pulled tight around his waist by a belt built into the top of the pants. They're a grayish-green color.
  • Gloves - Black finger gloves that are always present on Maruchi's hands.
  • Ankle bands - Cloth Maruchi keeps wrapped around his ankles for comfort. He doesn't take them off, except for when he wears shoes.
  • Necklace - A light brown pendant with a shard of amber in the center. Like Rokuro's Keifu, it serves many purposes.

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