Mabaka (魔バカ!魔法はバカのために!, Mabaka! Magic is for Idiots!) is a manga-based story written by Half-Demon-Cali. It is categorized in the shounen romance comedy genre. The main plot revolves around the lifestyle of a teen girl, and how it becomes increasingly difficult, yet comedic, when a young magic student begins living with her.


The story opens up with Akemi Segawa, the female lead, tending to her duties as the caretaker of her family's shrine. She is irritated with her father, Shigeru Segawa, for leaving on a week-long business trip without telling her beforehand. Just as she's about to head inside, something crashes into her yard. Upon investigating, Akemi finds that it was a person: A strangely-dressed boy named Rokuro.

Rokuro explains that he is a wizard from the second dimensional plane, known as Mahokkai. A portal, Hakobuttori, was responsible for his arrival on Earth. Unfortunately, that is Rokuro's only way of getting back, since he is an amateur at magic; to make matters worse, the dimensional transport only comes around once a year. Akemi reluctantly agrees to let him stay with her and her dad until the year is up.

Universal ExplanationEdit

Earth is the center of the universe, the first dimensional plane. Mahokkai is the second. The others are unaccounted for; it is not known what the other Planes are, or how many there are, although it has been noted that Kitakuvaaraji is the fourth dimension.

In chapter 1-1, Rokuro mentions that he has a humanlike appearance because his dimension is close to Earth; if he had come from the third or fourth Plane, he explained, it would be likely that he would have less human qualities and more alienated ones (As an example, he mentioned having animals appendages).


The characters' names are written Western style (In English with their surnames given after their first name). The kanji are written in Japanese format (Surnames given first).

There are two subcategories: Humans, who reside on Earth, and Magic, who are beings from Mahokkai and other dimensions.

  • Akemi Segawa (瀬画和明美) - The female lead, a first-year high school student and Shinto shrine maiden.
  • Rokuro (碌労) - The male lead, a young wizard from the second dimension.


  • Shigeru Segawa (瀬画和茂) - Akemi's overprotective father, part of a fairly well-known mangaka team.
  • Rie Hirota (尋田利江) - A hyper otaku interested in the occult, Akemi's best friend.
  • Daisuke Hirota (尋田大輔) - Rie's older brother, a second year in high school.
  • Meiko Segawa (瀬画和命子) - Shigeru's sister and Akemi's aunt, part of a fairly well-known mangaka team.


  • Maruchi (丸智) - Rokuro's Majikyou, an anthropomorphic cat child.
  • Hideki Miura (海卜ひでき) - A fellow wizard, Rokuro's best friend and roommate.
  • Kyoko Miura - Hideki's sister, who has only been mentioned.
  • Tokagero - A friend of Maruchi's, who has only made one appearance so far.

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