The relationships between each character are listed here, as well as descriptions of each.

Rokuro and AkemiEdit

These two tsunderes are living with each other. Their relationship is purely platonic.

Rokuro is currently residing with Akemi, since he can't get back to his own dimension on his own, and he has no other place to stay. Everything in the house is usually peaceful, until Rokuro screws something up. Then it's up to Akemi to teach him a lesson.

Despite being prone to violence when agitated, Akemi is a rather pleasant person otherwise. Rokuro likes her normal side very much, and gets along with her well. However, her angry side can give him quite a scare sometimes.

Rokuro and MaruchiEdit

Student and Teacher, apprentice and majikyou.

Rokuro and Maruchi's relationship is mostly belligerent, as the former is usually seen being yelled at by the latter; their topic of arguments are most often about Rokuro slacking off, or Maruchi's insistent, low opinion of humans. Their opinions on topics can differ greatly, but, depending on what the conversation it about, they can have very similar things to say on the topic.

Maruchi has mentioned that there was a time when Rokuro listened to him rather well, back when the wizard was still a child.

Rokuro and ShigeruEdit

One is fearful of the other.

Shigeru's first impression of Rokuro was a pretty naked one. Literally. Upon stepping into his house after returning from a business trip, the first sight Shigeru Segawa saw was Rokuro in his underwear, having taken a shower earlier. The man immediately suspected the worst, and quickly branded the poor boy as a pervert.

Shigeru scares Rokuro to the point where even being in the same room as the older man is a test of nerve.

Akemi and RieEdit

Two human best friends.

Akemi and Rie have known each other for a couple of years. Rie is a die-hard anime fan, and will do almost anything for the sake of it. Akemi doesn't mind it, but she's nowhere near as crazy for anime and manga as her friend is.

Their personalities balance each other out; Akemi is somewhat more reserved, while Rie is a loose cannon ready to take a chance at anything. However, some aspects of their personalities are the same: Both are free-spirited, high-strung, and have a tendency to make things run their way.

Akemi and ShigeruEdit

A rather alike father-daughter team.

It's very easy to see where Akemi gets the prominent half of her personality from. Both she and Shigeru snap relatively fast and are quick to anger, and they both love kendo (Shigeru was on a team as a teen; Akemi is only in the club.). The main difference is that Akemi is a bit more open and trusting than her hard-headed father.

Shigeru is extremely protective of Akemi, and will cause great harm to anybody that tries to hurt her. His main sources of grief at the moment are his job, his daughter's boyfriend, and the idiot magician living in his house, whom he has already marked down as a pervert.

Shigeru and Akemi look very different from each other, despite being father and daughter; while Shigeru has the natural coloring of black hair with brown eyes, Akemi has blue eyes, and one of the oddest hair colors on a human yet - Orange.

Akemi and DaisukeEdit

Girlfriend and boyfriend.

Daisuke is a second-year at Okashii High School. He is Rie's older brother by one year, but that doesn't seem to creep Akemi out in the least, considering that they've been dating for a couple of months.

Around Daisuke, Akemi takes on some more girlish qualities than she normally would, such as smiling and giggling like a lovestruck fool, bashfulness, and an all-around happier mood, if she's been having a bad day.

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