Rie Hirota (尋田利江, Hirota Rie) is a first-year high school student, and Akemi's best friend. She's part of the main recurring cast.


English Name:

Rie Hirota






16 (Start), 17 (Currently)


5'2" ½


50.5 kg (111 lbs)

Known Family:

Daisuke Hirota (Brother),

Shunomori Hirota (Father)


Akemi Segawa (Best friend)


May 6th

Voice Sample:

Aya Hirano / Rica Matsumoto


Rie is a very smart individual with common sense, though it appears she doesn't like to use it. She tends to be very airheaded despite her intelligence.

She is interested in the occult and it's practices. She is fascinated by the afterlife, meditation, and magic. Her cousin, who studies abroad, often sends her gifts from England; these include books on the supernatural and supposed magic artifacts.

Rie is a genius at figuring things out, and likes to research things and play detective. She gets into character in a literal sense of the word, much to the dismay of the people around her.

She's a lover of food; she often cajoles Akemi into buying her sweets and tries to steal Daisuke's breakfast in the mornings.

In chapter 27 (11-1, Release), she's seen working at a local library.

Other FactsEdit

  • She has a verbal tic ("Accha!") which she adds when she's talking.
  • She tends to interrupt people while they're talking.


  • Deductive reasoning - Even as airheaded as she is, Rie has a brilliant mind. She loves to investigate, whether it be in a book or in life. There is little out there that she can't figure out.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rie is an average teenage girl. She has natural black hair and green eyes. Her hair is always in a high ponytail, and she seldom wears it down because she doesn't brush it very often. (According to her, it doesn't look as messy if it's in a ponytail.)

Name ExplanationEdit

Rie is written with the kanji 利 (Ri, "advantage, interest") and 江 (E, "inlet, bay"). Her last name is spelled with the kanji 尋 (Hiro, "fathom") and 田 (Ta, "rice field").


  • Shirts - Rie wears layers; a dusty rose-pink T-shirt on top, a long-sleeved, light and dark lavender-striped shirt underneath.
  • Pants - Very baggy, light blue cargo pants.
  • Sneakers - For some reason, Rie feels the need to wear white sneakers that she can color with copic markers. She has many different pairs of shoes because of this, although they all started out as plain white shoes.

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