Rokuro (碌労, Rokurō) is a novice magic student and the leading male character. His name is written with the kanji for "satisfactory" and "effort". He was accidentally sent to the human realm via a passage called Hakobuttori, and cannot return to his own dimension until the yearly portal returns. For the time being, he is staying with Akemi, as a houseguest.

Rokuro inked2

English Name:











5'5" ½


60 kg (132 lbs)

Known Family:

None metioned so far


Maruchi (Teacher), Akemi Segawa (Interest), Hideki Miura (Best friend)


July 7th

His chosen seiyuu is Kappei Yamaguchi, and his English voice is Blake Shepard.

Character Edit

Rokuro's personality is a bit hard to describe in just a few words. Often, he is a curious person, but knows when he shouldn't be sticking his nose into things; not that it stops him, but he does know when he's crossing the line. More than often, he is too dense to figure out when he is crossing the line. He is extremely observant at times, but often does not understand what he is actually observing.

Magic wise, Rokuro has ample enough power to perform all sorts of spells, but he is not advanced enough to control them. Ironically, he has more trouble with spells that don't require a lot of energy. Because of his inability to control small-scale spells, his magic is often destructive when attempting them.

He is a lover of pranks and mischief, but knows his limits. He and Hideki used to stir up mischief around the school and their entire city. Unfortunately for them, this caused a great deal of detentions, punishments, and community service.

He is a bit of an airhead, although he doesn't come close to comparing with Rie. His dense attitude makes him susceptible to traps and other nonsense of the sort, and he frequently does things that other people would find annoying. Despite his somewhat-dim demeanor, he can find solutions to problems easily.

One of his more noticeable traits it that he becomes shy very easily (Akemi caught him in his underwear once, and it barely took him a second to blush and stutter). Whenever he's under pressure, he'll either play with his bangs or fix his headband needlessly, to distract himself from embarrassment. He's a very insecure person when dealing with his emotions, and it shows (Whether he likes it or not). Rokuro is probably best-known for his shy and awkward character. Most of the time, this aspect of his personality is toyed with for comic relief and, sometimes, fanservice.

By chapter 3-2 (FP: Chapter 8, Mutual Kindness), he's already started to show some romantic interest in Akemi.

Other FactsEdit

  • Back home, he lives at school; Hideki is his roommate.
  • His hair is obviously a lot longer than it looks, as it covers up his headband almost completely.
  • He never takes the pieces of cloth off of his lower arms, even when sleeping.
  • He tends to speak in broken sentences when he's angry.
  • His birthday falls on the day of the Japanese Tanabata Festival.


  • Healing - Rokuro stated in the very first chapter that being a wizard alone gives him superb healing abilities. This is shown to be quite true, as his minor concussion is gone by chapter two (1-2); his bruises and cuts are gone by chapter four (2-1).
  • Strength - There's yet to be a proper example of this in-story, but it's estimated that he could probably lift and carry something two or three times his own weight without a hassle.
  • Magic - Rokuro's magic is unstable; in the latest chapter (8-1), he's mentioned that something as simple as poofing up his own meal would most likely blow up in his face, in a literal sense. He has more luck with spells that require a lot of energy, as seen in chapter 7-3; this was actually mentioned before, in chapter 1-2. He can complete simple household chores, it seems, without a hitch.
  • Stamina - He seems to have quite a lot of this, although the illusion he performed on Keiko (7-3) did make him a bit tired.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rokuro, at first glance, appears to have a relatively slender body structure, despite his strength. This is partially true; he is rather lithe, and it is difficult to tell since he is usually covered head to toe. However, the majority of his weight does come from muscle.

He has naturally black hair, and gray eyes. His headband is placed just above his eyebrows.

Rokuro Character Sheet

Rokuro's character sheet.

Name ExplanationEdit

Rokuro's name is written as 碌労, with the kanji characters 碌 (Roku, meaning "good, satisfactory") and 労 (Rou, "effort, striving"). The closest translation would be something along the lines of "worthy effort". His name is written differently than the common spelling, which is 六朗 (Meaning "sixth son").


  • Headband - White, and hidden by his hair most of the time.
  • Overshirt - Oddly-designed blue shirt. The collar covers a little more than half of his neck, and is fairly loose. The sleeves cut off right by the shoulders. It's usually tucked into his pants, unless he gets lazy and doesn't bother.
  • Keifu (ケイフ) - The purple gemstone attatched to his shirt. It has a variety of different purposes, such as interdimensional communication and holographic capabilities.
  • Undershirt/ Jacket - Worn under his light blue overshirt. It is indigo, with green edges. Besides the sleeves, which stick out of the shirt, you can't see any part of it. The jacket is short in terms of sleeve and general length (You could see his midriff if he wasn't wearing his overshirt).
  • Gi Pants - Navy blue training pants. Nothing really special about these; they cut off right above the ankles.
  • Cloth Pieces - Rokuro always wears these grayish-blue pieces around his wrists and lower arms.
  • Chinese Deck Shoes - In other words, black Kung Fu Shoes.
  • Anklet - A simple, lavender, beaded ankle bracelet. Nothing special about it; it's really just an accessory.

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