Shigeru Segawa (瀬雅琶茂, Segawa Shigeru) is Akemi's father. He is part of the main recurring cast.


English Name:

Shigeru Segawa




Segawa Shigeru







Known Family:

Akemi Segawa (Daughter),

Meiko Segawa (Sister),

Tsukkomi Segawa (Brother-in-law),

Emiri Segawa (Niece)


Hazuki Segawa (Wife, deceased),

Hizen Umiyoshi (Rival)


May 20th

Voice Sample:

Ryotaro Okiayu


Saying that Shigeru is overprotective of his daughter is an understatement. Just the fact that he let her have a boyfriend was a miracle in itself. He is always keeping a close eye on any boys that get too close, Rokuro and Daisuke in particular. He usually doesn't give either boys time to explain themselves, the former more than the latter.

Shigeru has an unimaginable amount of faith in his close family, even though his guard is always up around strangers. He lets Akemi stay home alone and believes that Meiko can handle their office and its employees by herself (Which she manages to do a fairly good job of). People he doesn't trust are most notably teenage boys, but he also has some past issues with his parents.

Meiko always tries to convince him to be a fellow illustrator of a manga series called Yamato Master, which she started on her own. Though Shigeru does the drafts for her a lot of the time, he refuses to partner up with her, as he deems it a stupid comic strip. He continues to create drafts for the monetary compensation he recieves.

In chapter 21 (9-1, Family Issues), it's revealed that Shigeru doesn't have a full-time job (As Meiko notes his lack of regular income). However, he mentions that he's both an English tutor and a substitute coach for his old high school's kendo team.

Arc 12 reveals that despite being trained in martial arts, he a weak constitution. (Mainly his lungs.) A charmed necklace Hazuki gave him was the reason he'd been fine up until then. He's currently back at full strength, with Maruchi's restoration of the pendant's magic.

Other FactsEdit

  • He is Meiko's younger brother by three years.
  • His rival is Hizen Umiyoshi.


  • Athletic abilities - Strong and strong-willed, Shigeru was taught various different ways in his youth. Kendo and iaido are his top, followed by regular hand-to-hand martial arts.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shigeru has a very standard, common coloring. He has short black hair and dark brown eyes. He has a moustache and wears glasses. He's also shorter than his sister, which he takes no pleasure in.

Name ExplanationEdit

Shigeru's name is a single, common kanji (茂). It means "luxuriant" or "flourishing".

His last name is written as 瀬雅琶, 瀬 (Se, "shallows, rapids"), 雅 (Miyabi, "elegence, grace"), and 琶 (Wa, "lute"), contrary to the usual spelling of 瀬川 (Se, "shallows, rapids", and Kawa, "river").


Shigeru is mostly seen wearing a maroon-colored sweater with a pale blue collar shirt underneath, with khaki pants and brown loafers.

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