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Accidental Pervert: Rokuro caught sight of a near-naked Akemi, covered only by her underwear and a towel, when he hid in the girl’s locker room. Akemi whacked him on the back of his head with her shinai shortly after.

  • That being said, he only went in there so he couldn’t get caught sneaking around - He had no idea what a locker room was until that day.

All Work VS All Play: Akemi and Rie, to an extent. Maruchi and Rokuro are a more straight-forward example of this trope.

Alternate Universe: Mahokkai, Rokuro and Maruchi's place of residence.

Apologizes A Lot: Rokuro, full-stop.

Attention Deficit Disciple: Guess who.

Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Rie.

Bag Of Holding: If you read carefully enough, you'll realize that Rokuro's red duffel bag is probably one of these.

Batman In My Basement: Sort of.

Battle Aura: When Shigeru gets mad, or when he thinks Rokuro is being a “pervert” towards his daughter, his aura flares red and purple. Accompanied by his Scary Shiny Glasses.

Beauty Brains And Brawn: Akemi, Maruchi, and Rokuro, respectively. Only averted by their genders.

Berserk Button: Don’t call Maruchi a child.

Big Eater: Rokuro and Maruchi; both boys are like bottomless bits.

Big Fancy House: Akemi lives at a huge Shinto shrine.

Blue Eyes: Akemi.

Boarding School: Rokuro and Hideki live at one, apparently.

Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Usually put into play by Hideki and Rokuro, although the retaliation is left verbal for obvious reasons.

Bratty Half Pint: Well, Maruchi’s not really bratty, per say… But he does have temper issues when dealing with a certain Attention Deficit Disciple.

Buttmonkey: Rokuro, who has been getting hurt in nearly every recent chapter. He was already one before that, but he just keeps prompting the Tsundere and the All Work Bratty Half Pint...

Cardboard Prison: Rokuro mentions that he was tied to a tree when he was younger, as punishment. And the rope wasn’t even tight. He just forgot to untie himself.

Catboy: Maruchi.

Caught With Your Pants Down: In chapter 5-1, Akemi's father walks in, and sees Rokuro walking around in his underwear... And only his underwear.

Cherry Blossoms: There’s a tree in Akemi’s yard.

Completely Missing The Point: In chapter 2-3, Akemi asks Rokuro if he's a good or bad wizard, meaning good or evil. He mistakes her wording, and replies with “I’m an amateur at magic… Somewhere between good and bad.” Akemi doesn’t bother to explain her question, and doesn’t ask again.

Cross Dressing Voices: So far, the closest to Maruchi's voice has been done by Shizuka Hasegawa.

Curse Cut Short

Cute Little Fangs: Maruchi has these, although he hides them when disguised as a human.

Deadpan Snarker: Maruchi, in spades.

Does Not Like Shoes: Maruchi, again. He hasn't worn a pair of shoes the entire time he's been in the cast.

Dude Looks Like A Lady: It's pretty obvious from any standpoint that Rokuro is a boy... This doesn't stop Akemi's cousin Emiri from asking what his gender is upon first meeting him.

Fangirl: Rie loves Izumi Rio. She really loves Izumi Rio.

Fantastic Racism: Maruchi hates on all humans, not just Akemi.

  • Yet he gets along with Shigeru...

Fingerless Gloves: Maruchi constantly wears these.

Fish Out Of Water: Rokuro, and Maruchi. Two magic users, one being a mostly-hormone-driven wizard boy who can’t fly without assistance from a cleaning object, the other a racist child with purple hair and animal appendages, both never having made any contact with humans before. They’re way out of the water.

Foreign People Are Sexy: Rokuro. Period.

  • Akemi. What? She's foreign to Rokuro...

Full Name Basis: Maruchi to Shigeru.

Funny Foreigners: It’s fairly obvious who this trope applies to...

Genki Girl: Rie.

  • Meiko counts.

Good Thing You Can Heal: Otherwise, falling from that height and plowing through trees and into the ground head-first could’ve really hurt, huh, Rokuro?

Gray Eyes: Rokuro.

Grudging Thank You: Forget the grudging and or unsaid “Thank you’s”, Maruchi hates talking to Akemi at all.

Hammerspace: Lampshaded by Rokuro, the first couple of times Shigeru pulls a bamboo sword out on him – “Where’d he even get that thing from!?"

Hand Behind Head: And how.

Handsome Lech: Hideki qualifies... But Your Mileage May Vary.

Hey It’s That Voice: Akemi is Maron Kusakabe and Sango.

  • Rie is yet another otaku voiced by Aya Hirano.
  • Hideki is… Gaara. Uhh…
  • This would be Shizuka Hasegawa's second time doing a young Deadpan Snarker cat boy.
  • Rokuro is Kantaro from Tactics, English-wise. In Japanese, he's Ranma Saotome.
  • Shigeru's voice is done by Dark Mousy... Wow.

Honorifics: Akemi uses these with nearly everyone. Unless she’s severely pissed off, or exhausted. On the other hand, she herself doesn't like to be referred to as Akemi-san.

Hover Board: Rokuro’s broom.

Improbable Age: Maruchi is an adult (291 years old, in fact), but looks like a young child in his default form.

Incredibly Lame Pun: Maruchi’s allusion to the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”, in chapter 4-2.

Indy Ploy: Quite.

In The Blood: Akemi gets a lot of traits from her father - Most prominently, her temper.

  • Shigeru does make note of how she hasn't seemed to have inherited his grace or skills for art or language, though, in chapter 9-1.

Innocent Cohabitation

Insult Backfire: Rokuro and Maruchi have quite a bit of these.

I See London: Akemi in her underwear + seemingly-perverted Rokuro = A very well-executed blow to the head.

I Take Offense To That Last One: “I am not a pervert!!"

Just A Kid: I dare you to say this to Maruchi.

Lame Comeback: Hideki is full of these.

Hideki: First off, Mr. Sandman...
Rokuro: Sandman...?

Lethal Chef: If Akemi and Emiri's comments are to be believed, Meiko is a serious case. Love At First Punch: Nearly gender-reversed. In the first chapter, Rokuro almost roundhouse-kicks Akemi after she hits him on his head. He stops midway when he realizes that she's a girl, and instantly starts apologizing. He seems exceedingly kind to her during their first meeting, and, by the third chapter arc, he's already showing a hint of attraction to her.

Magic Skirt: Akemi’s uniform skirt doesn’t flap up at all when Rokuro flies her home, as worried about it as she is.


Marshmallow Hell: In chapter 9-2, Meiko makes Rokuro suffer this. He's not amused.

Meaningful Name: Maruchi's name is written as 丸智, meaning something along the lines of "circle of wisdom". A fitting name for a teacher.

  • Akemi's name, though a common one, means "bright and beautiful", which describes her very well.

Miko: Akemi.

Nerd Glasses: Hideki; he even fixes them in a nerdy fashion.

No Respect Guy: As of recently, Rokuro has become the main No Respect Guy of the series. Though Hideki qualifies, whenever he shows up.

Not A Morning Person: Rokuro. This becomes apparent very early on.

Not What It Looks Like: Until Akemi explained it to him, Shigeru thought his daughter was being “impure” while he was on his trip.

  • Only because his first sight upon entering his home was Rokuro, who was close to naked at the time.

Oh Crap: Rokuro’s exact reaction upon seeing his teacher in the human world. And his reaction whenever he sees Shigeru.

Only Sane Man: Tsukkomi Segawa seems to be the only completely normal one in the family - Who he married nonwithstanding.

Overprotective Dad: Shigeru Segawa, in every way possible. He pretty much threatened to castrate Rokuro if he touched Akemi in any way.

The Paralyzer: Rokuro jabs Akemi on the back of her neck and paralyzes her entire body in chapter 3-3, for good reason.

Power Crystal: Rokuro’s Keifu, though he doesn’t necessarily need it; it’s more like a magical PDA.

Power Tattoo: Once a wizard graduates and becomes a Grand Dragon, a tattoo of the titular animal appears somewhere on the person’s body, signifying their status. Explained by Rokuro in chapter 3-3.

Princess Curls: Keiko Ikehata, from chapter seven’s arc.

Rapunzel Hair: Akemi’s hair easily reaches down to, and possibly past, her waist.

Scary Shiny Glasses: Shigeru. Frequently.

Shapeshifting: Maruchi mostly switches between his child self, and a cute, purple kitten; he's also known to use a transformation move that gives him a human disguise, whenever he needs to.

Ship Tease: The later chapters have loads of this. Seriously.

Sidekick: Hideki and Rie.

Survival Mantra: Rokuro’s in chapter 6-2 is “I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t do anything wrong!”

  • Keiko, chapter 7-1. “Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall!”

Thinking Out Loud: When Rokuro hears that Akemi has a boyfriend, he replies by saying that she’s definitely pretty enough to have one. Maruchi quickly tells him to keeps his thoughts to himself.

Token Nonhuman: Rokuro.

  • Until Maruchi came in. So Rokuro's more like the Token Wizard.

Tsundere: Akemi, as the more prominent Tsundere. Rokuro, too, if you think about it carefully.

Unfortunate Implications: It is mentioned in-story that Shigeru is thirty-six years old. Akemi is sixteen years old. Do the math...

Unusual Ears: Maruchi (Big, purple cat ears) and Tokagero (Pointed).

You Can’t Go Home Again: The reason the story even exists.

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